Hector of Lost In Society: Warped, Splits and Winnings

Warped fans started planning their summers a few weeks ago as the band announcements started trickling in. Every Wednesday I sit at work and wait by ap.net for the thread and am made to feel ancient when new bands pop up in vampire make-up that I will never get, and assume is a generational thing. But one time my face formed a smile when I saw a familiar name; Lost In Society.

LIS was one of the first bands to break in Golden Mixtape, so it was great to see they’ve booked some Warped dates, but since they weren’t going to be in my neck of the woods this summer, I thought I’d catch up with them beforehand to get an idea of where they’ve been and where they plan on heading in 2012.

Kendra Beltran: I wanted to congratulate you on playing Warped this year, awesome shit right there.  Have you given any thought to you plan of action when you hit that stage? And kudos on not getting the dates in the hotter cities. Pomona last year was pure death…

Hector Bonora: Our plan of attack is pretty simple. We’re gonna get there, rock out, make friends with literally everyone we can, make as many fans as possible, have an awesome time and try not to die. And I plan on having blue hair. And maybe getting a few groupies.

Kendra: Forgetting who is already announced and who has yet to be, if you could pick one band to share the Warped bill with (other than Green Day) who would it be and if they let you on stage to sing with them, which song of theirs would you want to do?

Hector: For me, definitely Blink 182 and it would have to be “The Rock Show”

Kendra: Along with Warped you have a new album, a split with American Pinup coming out February 7th. What is the split benefit?

Hector: The split benefits both of our bands. We’ve played with each other enough times and we’re such good friends that once the idea was presented to us it was a no brainer. It was a great way to cross promote and not to mention we absolutely love American Pinup’s music and to be able to have a split CD with them is an honor.

Kendra: Will more splits be in LIS’ future?

Hector: Maybe! Foo Fighters asked us to do one but we were kind of busy….

Kendra: You’ll be doing a release party at Asbury Lanes on 2/10 with split partners, American Pinup. I looked into the venue and it’s so unique. We don’t have that in LA. They’re all “legendary” and snooty for the most part. But if you had the chance to create the perfect venue, from a band’s perspective, what are 3 key elements it would have to have?

Hector: The Asbury Lanes is just amazing, we’re lucky to be able to do our CD release party there. This is a good question. The perfect venue in my opinion just needs to have a good sound system, affordable drinks, and a good sized stage. Strippers dancing around would be nice too…

Kendra: Did you ever get out west with your 30K Metromix BreakThru winnings?

Hector: We did not, but we want to soon. Wanna help us book a tour?

Kendra: Last time we e-chatted, you guys claimed the internet was great for bands, but not very personal, but I’m sure you’re familiar with the game “fuck, marry, kill,” right? So given Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, which would you fuck, marry and kill given their importance to band promotion? (Weird one, I know…)

Hector: If they were all chicks, I would fuck Facebook because Facebook is like the popular girl in school. I would marry Tumblr because it’s like the “creative” and “unique” one out of the group, and Twitter is like the annoying bitchy girl that I definitely wouldn’t mind killing. They’re all good in their own ways, I just don’t really like Twitter.

Kendra: Sticking with the internet and downloading. Liam Gallagher from Oasis said that it shouldn’t bother artists because at least they’re paying attention to your music by downloading it. Agree or disagree keeping in mind the death of Megaupload.

Hector: I agree. You’re gonna have people that like your music but don’t like it enough to buy it but they would still download it and come to your show, that’s the important thing. I want people to come to the shows. Our real hardcore fans are gonna go out and buy the record and that’s good enough for me.

Kendra: And lastly, you’re a punk rock trio and punk has always been synonymous with a political stance and seeing that this is Golden Mixtape, I’d like you to make me a mixtape of your top 5 songs you’d put on a “Punk Rock Inaugural Ball” mix, go!

Rise Against “Give It All
Green Day “American Idiot
Anti-Flag “The Press Corpse
Anti-Flag “This Is The End (For You My Friend)
Rancid “Corruption
Originally published Feb 5, 2012


One thought on “Hector of Lost In Society: Warped, Splits and Winnings

  1. […] A Sunday afternoon with Fatal Encounter on the television, everything in the apartment has been eaten and I’m sitting here looking at my noted on Lost In Society’s Let It Sail. They’re a trio of guys from Jersey who Golden Mixtape has grown fond of, so it was great to hear their new full length after the split they had earlier this year with American Pinup. […]

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