Forrest Kline, You Know of Hellogoodbye? Getting Buff, BFFs and Drive-Thru

Hellogoodbye may look a lot different than they did when they played Warped back in the day, and there’s definitely some crucial elements missing in their performance *cough* giant pizza *cough*…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still Hellogoodbye, everyone’s favorite Warped nerds. I’ll be the first to admit I miss what HGB once was, and for months I swore up and down I wouldn’t watch them at Warped, but I found myself at their stage the two dates I went. Why? Because no matter what, their crowd always brings a smile to my face, and I can’t deny a set list that has “Shimmy Shimmy.” While that was the only nostalgic jam, HGB continue to win me over little by little with their newer songs on their latest, Would It Kill You? Nothing beats the end of their set when you know “Here in Your Arms” is going to played, but because of the unfamiliar, long intro, kids walk away to find comfort in liquids only to scamper back when the radio hit really begins.

When their sets are done and the dance party is over you can find the boys (it’s hard to call them men…look at them, precious moment looking guys) walking around, at their merch tent or watching their friends like The Wonder Years. But between all that, I was able to catch the man behind Hellogoodbye, Forrest Kline. Read on to find out where you can catch them after Warped and why (my favorite) “Call n’ Return” will forever be absent.

Kendra: Would It Kill You? has a more Indie/Urban Outfitters sound than the older stuff. How’s the Warped crowd been receiving that?

Forrest: You know it’s been going well. It definitely wasn’t’ any kind of decision to go for a more Indie/Urban Outfitters kind of sound, but I do shop at Urban Outfitters, guilty. But no, we weren’t sure if it was gonna go over well. You know, we’re like let’s go do it. It’s just two weeks, and it’s actually been awesome. I think that we weren’t sure we’d make sense, but it seems to kind of make sense.

Kendra: What is your response when fans only want to hear the EP?

Forrest: There’s some songs I feel sound better than others. We actually have a lot of songs now so to rehearse them all, we just don’t get around to. There’s some where we haven’t played it in two years and since two years we have a whole new band, so they don’t even know it [referring to “Call & Return”]. I could probably play it acoustic for you but I’d probably forget the lyrics.

Kendra: I’d help you out. But yeah, have there been any significant changes you can see in th is music scene since you last played Warped?

Forrest: Well yeah, I think when we last played Warped I think there were still a lot of bands who kind of felt like big shots because you could sell a lot of records and all that, and since then it’s been five years so I think that’s that kind of the period when things sort of changed, a lot of bands spent money like a-holes. But I think a lot of bands are buckling down and realizing that if they want to do it, they have to do it more reasonably. So there’s a lot of bands we’ve become friends with who are all kind of like minded like that.

Kendra: Speaking of friends, last year you toured with 3Oh!3. Have you been hanging out with them, rekindling that friendship?

Forrest: Yeah, for sure. They were very cool guys.

Kendra: So after Warped, what do you guys have planned?

Forrest: We have some shows booking us home from Warped for like three weeks with Fences and Big Problems and Very Big Pile of Leaves. We’re doing shows here and there. We’re going to Hawaii with Paramor. We’re going to Australia for Soundwave. Probably do another full tour, maybe in like fall, winter, spring…

Kendra: Anything with Fireworks, your BFFs?

Forrest: Maybe, BFFs for sure, but maybe.

Kendra: Couple more, in Pomona Soupy from The Wonder Years said Hellogoodbye’s top goals in order are, getting buff and making music. Can you confirm or deny this?

Forrest: Getting buff and making music? It’s not working out for me, so I think I’m gonna have to throw in the towel on that one. You can only guess which one…

Kendra: My last one for you. if you were to make me a Drive-Thru mixtape, what would you send me?

Forrest: A Drive-Thru mixtape? Gosh I could try….I’m not going to know specific song titles. Let’s see something from The Starting Line. Maybe Say it Like You Mean It or something from that. Let’s go with something from The Early November for my boy. Something off that triple disc, probably the second disc, the soft one. What are we at, two? It’s gonna get hard from here on out. Let’s go with an New Found Glory track. Let’s go with “My Friends Over You.” I think we’re gonna close it out and leave it at a solid three.

Originally published on July 7, 2011


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