Finding Jupiter…Demo’s Are Such a Tease

If there is one thing I love, it’s a strong female in music who doesn’t rely on her glitter charm to win over crowds onstage. Finding Jupiter, thank you for that. With just a demo in my hands of what’s to come from this California band, I was won over. Their leading lady provides a fun, indie sound much like that of Gold Motel while the men of Finding Jupiter bring forth music that reminded me of the good ol’ days, the 90’s. Yes, the 90’s. I imagined myself watching Finding Jupiter in the quad of some liberal arts college while I awaited Counting Crow tickets to go on sale (purchasing them by phone, of course). Do you like Gold Motel? What about La Sera? Yes? Then I’m sure you’ll like Finding Jupiter. Stay tuned for what’s to come from them because if “Do It Again” and “Colors” are just the preview, I can’t wait for the rest of the record.


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