Electric Anthem: Knock Out

Just earlier this year when this whole “Kendra start your own blog” idea started I was trolling the net looking to bring awareness to artists from all walks of life, for what’s a label other than something we use to list out likes and dislikes on Facebook? So when I stumbled upon Electric Anthem, I was content. Apparently bred on Blink 182, their 2010 record All But Sorry reeked of Mark Hoppus…in the good way. So when I heard back from the young lads of St. Paul about their newest record, Knock Out, I was ready for more Blink, but was left with a sort of growth spurt.

The past influences were infused in tracks like “Who Will Save You” and even a little Drive-Thru in the Allister like “(Afternoons),” but all in all I was racking my brain because Electric Anthem had come to be their own. With that, Knock Out appears to be tear streaked journal pages morphed into three to four minute revelations. Life was the coal and their passion for creation, the engine, Electric Anthem took what they had with All But Sorry and cranked it up for Knock Out.

Always a stickler for the bones of the song, the lyrics for me were young, relatable and could be the mantra for anyone from an All Time Low clad middle school kid to a young lad or lass approaching their sophomore year in college. “Hopelessly Hopeful” gets my gold star for the line, “I hope these dreams become memories.” Also, just a side note…Dear Electric Anthem, ever consider doing this one acoustic? Just a suggestion…

Acoustic or not, Knock Out will ring a bell with fans who are lining up for Mayday Parade and spending their free time tweeting this and that about Every Avenue. So if that’s you and you’re looking to expand your music collection, hit up Electric Anthem and get their new one, Knock Out.
Reviewed by Kendra Beltran

Originally published on October 25, 2011

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