Electric Anthem; All But Sorry

For kids of the 90’s, Green Day was it. For the late 90’s and new Millennium, it was all about Blink 182, so it’s no surprise that we now have a surplus of bands now who have taken a page from the Blink Bible; lines flooded with girls and life, surrounded by pop punk chords. Electric Anthem is just that. As a huge All American Reject fan, I noticed the vocals were similar to Tyson Ritter’s back in the day, before all the radio hits…fresh but raw, an oxymoron if you will. If you read the notes I have on Electric Anthem’s album, All But Sorry, you’ll find the sentence “poppy but not like All Time Low” because I didn’t get a since that this band would be the next teen scene kings. I heard a mature sound as “Your Eyes” and “Love with a Liar” played on. With the fitting “Goodbyes” saying farewell on the album, I too must say adios to this review and get back to listening to Electric Anthem’s All But Sorry. So if you’re a fan of the ways of Tyson Ritter and AAR and Blink 182, you will want to get in on Electric Anthem’s All But Sorry.

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