Dream on, Dreamer: Heartbound

Looking at my iPod today, many would argue my taste in music has not changed since I was 11. I won’t even try to argue against this because my inner self will always squeal the moment I hear a Backstreet Boy’s song. Even though I may still be stuck in 1999, my music taste has expanded since the golden era of boy bands because if you keep looking you’ll find the likes of Escape the Fate and Saosin screaming back at you. Dream on, Dreamer’s debut album Heartbound reminds me of that golden era, when bands with a screamer thrown in with a catchy chorus rocked the stages of Warped Tour- a scene that seems to be on the verge of returning.

Dream on, Dreamer’s is tugging at that part of me that I’ve locked away ever since Ronnie was locked up in Vegas and Cove Reber was kicked out of Saosin. But when For What You Believe In blared through the speakers on my morning drive in LA traffic, I found myself air drumming my steering wheel and bopping my head to the track. The rifts and the hook of Heartbound will have you yearning to be in a pit, running, and shouting with fellow fans. I’ll be honest, the whole screaming into the mic has never been my cup of tea, but there’s something about the combination of singing and screaming in Lifestream that has a created a small fan in me. There’s somewhat of a Saosin vibe from this song and being a secret Saosin fan, I was enjoyed the track. It might very well be my favorite trac and it could be yours. Because if you’re a fan of the way Warped Tour has been headed with their past line ups, then you truly won’t be disappointed with Heartbound.

Originally published on August 25, 2011


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