Don’t Worry, Rah Rah’s Re-Released Album Won’t Break Your Heart

Being a virgin to the softer melodies of prairie rockers Rah Rah, I hadn’t the slightest inclination as to how their sophomore album Breaking Hearts was going to sound coming out of my speakers. Hailing from north of the border, this Saskatchewan-bred band was crowned “Best New Alternative Band” by iTunes  following the release of their debut record Going Steady; however, I had to take a listen to see for myself.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear how genuinely refreshing their music is. The first run-through of Breaking Hearts feels similar to hopping on rollercoaster; each track weaves in and out of different genres, picks up speed and throws on the breaks, and reaches your expectations and surprises you all at the same time. The opening track “Arrows” provides a basic dance track for any party, with its quick-paced progression and pop-punky rhythm guitar. I especially love “Communist Man,” a quirky ballad reminiscent of anything by the Moldy Peaches. Even the songs on the album that are not as upbeat still inspire you to stand up and flail about with the same amount of enthusiasm. The moodier “Hurt You Bad” and “Joey” will make you want to both sway along with the rhythm and dance around by yourself.

The clear and confident vocals, the twangy guitar riffs and the sheer energy of Rah Rah all make this the perfect record to throw on at any get together. I’d honestly be surprised if you didn’t find yourself tapping your toes to the piano rock-fueled “What About Love?”

Rah Rah’s Breaking Hearts will be re-released by Hidden Pony Records on November 15, 2011.

Reviewed by Chelsea Deptula

Originally published on Oct 11, 2011


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