Dear Christie, Ohio Nights with a Pop Rock Soundtrack

A birthday card, siblings and an idea. Dear Christie is one half Markin (brothers, Adam and Eric) and one half “T” with Tommy Parril and Tyler Rose. With an equation set in place, these Ohio boys are putting things in order with their latest, First Things First; pop rock for guys and gals who spend their days and nights with The Maine and Mayday Parade. So before you set out on your summer vacations and escapades, take some time to get to know Dear Christie with the help of Eric as he talks Applebees, John Mayer and clubbing.

Kendra: How does the Markin sister feel about being the inspiration for a band name?

Eric: She loves it. Whenever she comes to show, she always tells people that she’s the “Christie” of Dear Christie.

Kendra: There are plenty of bands with siblings, but how’s that experience been for Dear Christie?

Eric: It has its ups and downs. Obviously brothers are going to fight at times and at other times it helps a band immensely because of that connection. Having  Adam and I living together definitely makes things easier because if Adam writes something, I’m always there to put my input in, he doesn’t have to wait for someone to come over.

Kendra: Did any of you come from a musical family?

Eric: Adam and myself did because all of our sisters were in competitive Marching Band in High School. We used to be at competitions every weekend as toddlers growing up. We joke that they “put the rhythm” into us.

Kendra: When it came time to add more than Markins to the band, how did the search process go down for more members? Was it American Idol status?

Eric: I worked with Tommy back in the day, and we became pretty good friends. When it came to find a bassist, Tommy said “Sure, I guess I’ll learn,” and that’s how it started. As for lead our guitarist, Tyler came after our old guitarist had to quit due to personal reasons. Tyler knew me from meeting at shows and just being around each other at the right time. Now we’re one big happy family.

Kendra: Speaking of, are you watching this season? Any thoughts on it?

Eric: American Idol has gone WAY downhill since Simon left. We haven’t watched an episode since.

Kendra: Hailing from the great…okay Ohio…what exactly do you do in Ohio for fun on a random night? How’s the music scene out there?

Eric: Oh, good old Ohio. Well, since Adam is only 17 we can’t exactly go out “clubbing” or other things that involve being “18+.” So our weekend nights consist of driving around, goofing off, having a good time or staying at The Markin Household and just chilling. For a while we went to Applebees every single Friday night. . As for the guys who are 18, we go out and about on campus since there’s ALWAYS something going on.

Kendra: With summer approaching, can you describe your first release, First Things First, as a summer treat?

Eric: I mean, it’s no ice-cream sandwich, but it sure is refreshing. We tried to bring a lot of fresh pop/rock to the table with that EP.

Kendra: All these pop rock bands flood your influences, how’s John Mayer fit in there?

Eric: He’s just that all around guy. When he comes up on shuffle, he stays on. You don’t mess with John.

Kendra: Staying with your musical influences, Motion City Soundtrack was one of the oldest bands. Was that like the main band that got you into playing and writing?

Eric: We all have different influences as to what got us going. Motion City Soundtrack is just good in general. They have a very unique way of writing and we dig that.

Kendra: Back to summer, if Dear Christie was to make me a “Summer Mixtape” what five songs would it have to have?

Eric: Hmmmmm, Lets go with: “Ready to Go” Panic! at the Disco,  “Roll Up” Wiz Khalifa, “Mean” Taylor Swift, “Leave This Bed” Maroon 5, “Thriller” Fall Out Boy.

Originally posted on May 21, 2011


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