Currents: Currents

What’s that time old saying? Great things come in small doses? Oh, packages…Well let’s change it up and say doses when it comes to Currents self-titled EP, Currents. With as many songs as there is Backstreet Boys (trick trivia), Currents is just giving away their music for free as of November 1st, so that’s really hard to turn down, right?

From the oddball slower tune, “Chase The Sun” to one that renders images of horrid tales, “What Big Teeth You Have,” Currents EP covers all the bases. For one is a slow jam and the other is a straight to the point rock song with a big message, “stop saying sorry for every mistake you ever made.” But it’s the first single from the fab four tracks, “L is for Lush” that will have heads turning. A song obviously about a girl who’d rather be the next Ke$ha than have someone around who cares for them, is like a D.A.R.E. PSA made current and put to a beat without the forced class lessons and shirts (although those were pretty kickass); it has the oomph to back up the lyrics. Wonder who it’s about…

While “Cause I’m a G” didn’t give me the swag I was hoping for, Currents wasn’t a letdown. These Los Angelinos are the kind of band that would fare well with a multitude of audiences from a There For Tomorrow crowd to one filled with The Hotel Year fans. They’re rock sound with a smidge of pop essence allows for that, so if this is up your alley, download Currents on November 1st, again…are you going to argue with that price?

Originally published on Oct 18, 2011

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