Currents Amplyfi Hollywood and a Certain…Toy…

One cannot prepare enough for what they’ll hear when they write out questions. The answers can be a bore, or in this case, you can get the word “dildo” tossed around more than a hacky sack at a Counting Crows concert in 1993. Thanks Joe from Currents, thanks.

Not the type of girl who investigates the “cute” factor of a band before she sets out to interview them, I had no clue who I was supposed to be talking to when I rolled up with my partner in writing, Ashley, to the last stop of the DisasTOUR to talk to Currents. But low and behold there they were and what unfolded from our quick chat is bound to be a memory that sticks until the next time a band’s trailer almost pins us to a wall mid-interview.  Joe saved us from being paraplegic messes and entertained us with tales of bowling and of course that infamous dildo friend of theirs. It wasn’t all fun and games though, we got down and talked about the sincerity of band reunions and focused on oh yeah, Currents and their obvious Red Bull sound (read on for that explanation), and to read how they did on stage that night at Amplyfi in Hollywood that night, told through the words of Ashley Jean.

Kendra: Last night of the DisasTOUR, can you sum it up in four words?

Joe Sherman: Wild, crazy, amazing and beneficial.

Kendra: Beneficial, SAT word right there. So what do you guys do with the random days you have off of tour?

Joe: On our random days we pretty much…We went bowling a couple days with The Sheds, made bets off each other, played some mini golf. You know, driving range, going to strip clubs, stuff like that.

Kendra: Who won bowling?

Joe: Actually that’s a pretty funny story. So when we went bowling we all had teams. The Sheds only had three people so I joined their team. Whoever lost had to wear ski masks on stage for the whole show and I lost two bets that day so I had to have a ski mask and have a pink dildo for at least one song. So I had to wear a ski mask the whole time. It was pretty awful.

Kendra: Did you guys already have the dildo on tour?

Joe: We did, we did have the dildo on tour. It’s called a “Pink Panther.” Pink Panther’s a wildcard. He wanted to go on tour with us, so he’s like, “dude let me go on stage.” Just kidding, but actually we use it as a way of…if anyone really messed up on the tour we had a counsel and so if anyone really messed up they had to carry the dildo all day. It’s just a punishment.

Kendra: With gas prices being so high, have you guys ever been worried about making it to the next stop?

Joe: Honestly, yeah that’s something that happens quite often. It’s how it is nowadays. That’s why a lot of shows get cancelled because a lot of promoters can’t afford to pay bands a guarantee. We’ve all been doing pretty well though. I don’t think anyone’s really suffered, or not had gas money.

Kendra: Is that why home was the last stop of the tour, just in case you needed a ride home?

Joe: Yeah, actually I was on Facebook today asking for a ride home.

Kendra: What’s the next step for 2012?

Joe: We’re just going to keep writing. Just keep going on with Currents. We’ve only been a band for about five or six months now, so we’re just trying to keep everything going at a rapid pace. So far it’s been working out. We’re working with Nate now with Impulse Artists. He’s been really, really great for us.

Kendra: Will you guys do a full length or another EP?

Joe: It’s kind of early to say. We’ve been getting asked by management companies and stuff if we are because if we do record a full length we’re more likely to get signed because they can hear a full product. But I’m really confident with what we’re writing and we actually have a new song that we’re releasing next week. That’s going to be the true sound of what we’re going to be going for.

Kendra: Is there a song off the EP that the new song sounds like?

Joe: Not really, to be honest. It’s a little bit more…it’s poppier I think, but still really driving. It was produced by Kyle Black (All Time Low, Pierce The Veil) and he’s working with Paramore right now on their new stuff. So it’s a little more polished sounding. On our EP, we’d only been a band for two weeks so we didn’t really know what sound we were going for, all we knew is we were just going to write music we liked.

Kendra: If you had to compare your sound to a gas station food, which would it be and why? This should be really easy since you’re just coming off tour.

Joe: Gas station food? I don’t eat gas station food but I’ve seen it. A footling, just kidding. Um, I don’t know, I guess we’re like a Red Bull.

Kendra: So when it comes to technology, is it a friend or foe of the music industry?

Joe: I think it depends on the band and what they’re really going for. For us it makes more sense. We have download cards, so it makes more sense for us since we hand out cards to people so they can put the music automatically on their iPods, as oppose to other artists who might have more of a following and stuff. They might want to sell actual CDs.

Kendra: So Blink, The Early November, Something Corporate…All these band reunions, do you think it screams “sincere” or “we have rent to pay?”

Joe: I’m gonna make a couple people made at this. No honestly I don’t see anything wrong with that. I love all those bands and I’d love to see them again. I think that some them, I’ve heard a member refusing to do it and then asking for absurd amounts of money and I think that’s kind of ridiculous. But I think that if a band really wants to reunite and for a genuine reason, and they want their fans to remember why they loved them, then I think that’s really cool.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for a girl who parties too hard, which 5 songs would be on it; “Lush Mixtape…”

Ke$ha “Tik Tok
Waka Flocka “No Hands
Some Notorious, Kanye West and Ludacris
The Story So Far “Roam

Currents, a band who attempted murder with a van but didn’t actually succeed, played Amplyfi on Sunday night in Hollywood, ending their two-week run on the DisasTOUR.

Tucked away in an alley behind Astro Burger made Amplyfi near to impossible to find. However, once found, this little space the size of the entire first floor in my house provided decent sound quality and intimacy. Body heat glowed in a mist as sweat evaporated from the energy sliding off the skins of both fan and musician. Currents took the stage last, transforming Amplyfi into a musical sauna at the end of their set.

Playing a half hour set, Currents mixed in old and new. The more pop sounding, “Just Doesn’t Feel Right,” began as a hip-swaying melodic force that eased into the sound of a mild head bang. Regardless of movement, there was just that with Currents – movement.  All 40 or so fans who showed displayed a type of a momentum that added to the vitality of the night. Of course, with jams like, “Cause I’m a ‘G’,” it’s near to impossible to hide the excitement that well-thought out music produces, even the disco couldn’t help itself from turning on a rotating a party on the ceiling.

Admittedly I only heard snippets of Currents on my way to Amplyfi and was captivated wholeheartedly by their live performance. Joe Sherman (vocals) impressed me with his voice. For a small dude, he packs a kick in his lungs. Each scream and rasp added to the emotional impact of the lyrics. The rest of the band’s talents didn’t go unnoticed, however, but if they had then right now would be a good time for the boys of Currents to assign who carries the “Pink Panther” around on the next tour.
Originally published on Jan 19, 2012


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