Comasoft: Burn to Shine

Didn’t Good Charlotte just release a record? The first thought my mind constructed when Comasoft’s Burn to Shine entered my world. No, no, not the mall punk that GC first came out with, but that club pop rock full of keys that emerged on their fourth album, Good Morning Revival. Lead single “10 Volt” captures you with its pulsating beats as it introduces you to what they describe their selves as a band “with a fuzzy keyboard fascination.” But what’s clear here is the catchiness of each track that makes pop songs with a rocky edge. “Never Sleep Alone” and “Lights Out” are your top contenders for the “stuck in my head and I don’t even know why, but I’m singing along anyway” award. So what appears to not be the Madden brothers’ side project, is Chicago’s own Comasoft’s Burn to Shine. It’s definitely for those who are never far from their copy of Good Morning Revival and their Tokio Hotel stash…Minus that creepy cult like following…

Review by Kendra Beltran

Originally published on Oct 31, 2011


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