Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps: Little Wind

I heard it was hip to be vintage, but to sound it, like really sound it? Damn, that must mean you take the cake in Indieland. Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps’ Little Wind has a distant quality in the vocals that makes songs like “Tanktop” and “Birch Trees  & Broken Barns” sound like they’re coming straight out of a grandparents’ collectible radio sitting in the back den. Similar to the sounds of Look Book and Roma Di Luna, Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps encompass the past, but also are able to hit recent years, in a way.

;;;” (yes, that’s the title) had my mind searching for a song I’ve heard a million and one times in my own iTunes. After hours of sitting and listening to Caroline on repeat, Lenka and A Fine Frenzy came to mind; Little Wind is like their less pop cousin.

After all the who’s who of comparisons, I turned back the biological clock. “Scholarships” with an intro fit for cribs’ mobiles and “Hannah’s Song,” a caressing lullaby. From afternoon catnaps to the skies, “Eagle’s Nest” flew (couldn’t resist) above the rest. It is nothing short of beautiful and showcases the artists’ hearts throughout. Do you own a calendar? Okay, take out your phone and mark September 20th because that’s when you can get your paws on Caroline Smith &The Good Night Sleeps’ Little Wind.

Originally published on August 22, 2011


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