Basement’s Alex Henery on British Accents and Rock Music.

For most Americans, or at least the people I know myself included, the one thing we want to do is travel to the United Kingdom. Walk alongside the Thyme River and stare over at the Tower Bridge, drink tea with some friends or down a beer at a pub while rooting for our football (that’s soccer mind you) team. Which is funny because those many years ago, our Founding Fathers did everything they could to get us away from the English. Yes, we Americans find ourselves loving everything the UK has to offer- from the accents to the actors/actresses and definitely the music.

With a debut album, I Wish I Could Stay Here released less than a month ago, the boys of Basement are ready to staple their name with the list of all time British greats invading the great U.S. of A. When August rolls around, they are heading across the Atlantic Ocean to take America by storm on their first American Tour, Basement’s Adam Henery was kind enough to take a few moments out of sitting in a van to answer questions.

Cindy: Your website simply states “We are 5 friends who live in England and like to write songs and hangout”- how did you guys come together and form Basement?

Alex: We all live in Ipswich and have all been involved in the music scene, we decided to make a band and started sending each other song ideas online. We eventually had a practice and recorded a demo. We then played our first show in our local town’s night club.

Cindy: How was the whole process for you as a band and as an individual when working on your debut album I Wish I Could Stay Here such as the writing and recording to everything in between?

Alex: Writing was cool, once or twice a week we would go to our practice space at ‘ Smart Street ‘ and start writing. We would all bring ideas to the table and start playing, by the end of the night we would usually have a structure or a whole song finished. The nights we would leave knowing we had written a song for the album was awesome. Near the end it got harder as we had a few unfinished ideas that only got finished days before recording. Recording was pretty hard as we had to make 3 seperate trips to Nottingham over 4 months, but working with Ian Boult and then Jesse Cannon for mixing was great.

Cindy: For people who have never heard of you guys, could you describe your sound?

Alex: Rock music.

Cindy: Speaking of your sound, how does that translate live? What can American fans expect at a Basement show?

Alex: Often times there is a lot of energy with kids singing along and stage diving but it depends what crowd of people we are playing for. You can guarantee we will have British accents and Andrew will say something awkward.

Cindy: Looking at your tour schedule in America , there’s a show almost every single night, any chance you’ll be given time to explore say New York or the Brother of Love, Philly? Why such a jam packed tour schedule?

Alex: We like playing shows and we wanted to play as many nights as possible. We will be exploring all the places we play for sure, mainly looking for cool places to eat.

Cindy: Being a musician is a rough career path, especially for new bands, has there been any moment where you were ready to throw in the towel? If so, what helped change your mind?

Alex: This isn’t our job, it’s just something we really like doing. Until someone pays our bills we will continue playing shows when we can get time off work.

Cindy: You recently had your record release show at The Grinning Rat, how did it go?

Alex: It was the best show we have ever played. So many of our friends were there and all the bands that played were amazing.

Cindy: Many musicians credit their personal experiences when it comes to writing a record, how much of your personal experiences went into I Wish I Could Stay Here?

Alex: I can’t speak on Andrew’s behalf about the lyrics, but I know they are personal to him as they discuss relationships, friendships and thing that affect daily life.

Cindy: With a tour in America under your belt by late August, what is the next step for Basement?

Alex: We’re not sure, its hard to imagine anything topping America . Probably write more songs and play some cool shows. We all want to go to more foreign countries, Australia would be insane.

Cindy: Last question, if you had to make me a mix tape with your top 5 most
played songs off your iPod, what should I expect to hear?

Alex: I don’t know about top played but I’m in the van right now and we have been listening to a lot of Bon IverCrowded House, Balance and Composure, Pantera and God’s Reflex.
Tour Dates

w/ Such Gold
8.9 – Buffalo, New York – Sugar City
8.10 – Ashtabula, Ohio – West End Art Space
8.11 – Detroit, Michigan – Fucking Awesome Fest
8.12 – Indianapolis, Indana – Hoosier Dome
8.13 – Columbus, Ohio – Skylab Art Gallery
8.14 – Wilmington, North Carolina – 16 Teaps
8.15 – Norfolk, Virginia – Jewish Mother Backstage
8.16 – Baltimore, Maryland – TBA
8.17 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The Barbary
8.18 – Asbury Park, New Jersey – Asbury Lanes

w/ Daylight
8.19 – Quakertown, Pennsylvania – TBA
8.20 – Brooklyn, New York – The Archeron
8.21 – Amityville, New York – The Broadway Bar
8.22 – Albany, New York – Bogies
8.23 – Providence, Rhode Island – TBA
8.24 – New Britain, Connecticut – The Hall
8.25 – Framingham, Massachusetts – Chop Shop
8.26 – Clinton, New Jersey – The Aquifer
8.27 – Altoona, Pennsylvania – Masonic Hall (no Daylight)
8.28 – Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania – Redwood Art Space

Originally published on July 22, 2011


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